February 8, 2019

Winfields Retail Superstore Illumination
Winfields Outdoors is a retail outlet selling outdoor sports equipment. This was a lighting upgrade aimed at improving the customer experience and reducing energy consumption.
Lighting objectives
The customer wanted to achieve a better light output and lux level whilst saving on energy consumption and energy costs.
How did Novah approach this project?
We did site a site survey and a lighting design including a return on investment calculation which explains to the customer how long it will take them to recover the costs of the project based on the savings that they will make in energy consumption.
The customer had very clear instructions on lux level requirements and the evenness of the lighting that they wanted in store.
Novah solutions
We offered the Solray Select which gives excellent uniformity of light and can also be adjusted post-installation to give higher or lower lux levels, which offers good flexibility for the client to change store layouts in the future.
The store is brighter and more inviting and the energy consumption and cost for the the lighting has halved.
Customer feedback
"Our customers love the new lighting in the store – everything looks more appealing and there are no dark spots. And we are saving money on energy."