May 13, 2022

Actemium Ltd
Actemium Limited are part of the Vinci Group of Companies, one of the largest Facility Management organisations globally. With premises across the UK for the various profit centres, they have a need to maintain their own portfolio in addition to their clients premises. With this in mind, they invited Novah to assist them in upgrading their emergency lighting throughout their facility in the Midlands, along with their warehouse lighting, which had not been updated since the site was built some nearly 30 years ago.
Lighting objectives
Actemium needed to ensure their emergency lighting complies with the current regulations throughout the building, and as they were re-purposing the warehousing area into a production and warehouse facility, they needed to increase the lighting level and quality of light, whilst still reducing energy consumption, especially in light of recent energy cost increases across the market.
How did Novah approach this project?
Novah carried out a site survey initially, to discover what the site requirements were, including the current lighting, the use of the facility and recommend initial thoughts on the most suitable solution from Novah. Following this, Novah worked from Actemium’s existing lighting plans in order to create a lighting design which would meet the clients requirements, and ensure they meet current regulations. Once this was presented, Actemium were happy to proceed to order and then carried out their own installation
Actemium had a new client from within their organization moving into the warehouse facility within a week or so of our initial site survey, so timing was critical in terms of helping them achieve their goals – including the design, consultation and supply of the goods – although it was a tight timeline, Novah were easily able to assist, using our experience of this type of project to smooth the process and help keep everything within the given timescale.
Novah solutions
Novah recommended a one for one replacement using our 150W Sirius Low Bays within the warehouse, in order to increase the lighting levels substantially, along with our built in emergency kits on some of the Sirius Low Bay units to meet the regulations. In other areas, our Solray have been employed, using our 4ft to replace existing 6ft single T8 fittings, including our Self Test emergency versions where required. In addition to this, we supplied our Hera range of emergency bulkheads and recessed spots to enhance the existing emergency lighting in other parts of the facility including communal and office spaces.
The lighting quality and level has been dramatically improved in the warehouse area, and all current regulations are now met for emergency routes, the client is very satisfied with the performance of both Novah and our products and is looking at how to make use of our products and services in other areas of their business.
Customer feedback
Just wanted to say thank you for your help with your recent input to renew our warehouse lighting. The lighting design, process, procurement and delivery was exceptional. The low bay solution you provided has had a significant impact within the area and the emergency modules provide a higher than expected illuminance. Credit where credit is due! Please send our thanks to the team and keep up the good work. We are in the process of renewing the office emergencies and I shall be in touch to place further orders. Well done! – Steve Rowland, Business Unit General Manager