Europa Components PLC


February 2, 2022

Europa Components PLC
Europa Components are the largest manufacturer and distributor of electrical enclosures and switchgear / electrical protection equipment in the UK, supplying thousands of independent and national electrical wholesalers across the country. Over the past few years, the group has targeted reducing it’s energy consumption to meet the Nett Zero requirements for business. Novah have been working closely with the clients facilities team to, help them to upgrade their office, production, warehouse and picking and packing area lighting at their head office site.
Lighting objectives
The client was looking to predominantly reduce their carbon footprint, in line with their ‘sustainable production’ business ethics, whilst also cutting costs and removing the need for regular maintenance. The site includes offices, production and warehousing on in one building – with the energy consumption due to lighting producing the highest energy cost for the business, therefore by reducing the number of fittings and the power consumption of each fitting, this greatly helped the business to achieve it’s carbon reduction targets.
How did Novah approach this project?
Novah have been working closely with the warehousing and facilities team through Martin Anyasodo and have been brought in to provide full guidance on how best to approach the project, providing site survey, lighting design and return on investment reporting for each stage of the project, including which fitting to specify for each area in order to ensure the optimal lighting levels are achieved along with the best uniformity - whilst minimising the number of fittings and using the lowest power consumption for each fitting through our high efficiency product design.
The initial cost outlay was a concern for the business, and in order to make the funding work, the client required a supply and install turnkey solution. Novah’s solutions focused approach allowed us to partner with one of our contracting clients, to offer the total package, and demonstrated that the return on investment could be greatly reduced both technically, by using our highest efficiency product range (upto 170lm/W), and also providing advice through our reporting on how the client can claim back nearly 20% of the total project cost through the Governments Capital Allowance Scheme.
Novah solutions
In the warehousing area of Europa Components, Novah used our 75W Atlas LED Warehousing luminare to achieve a low glare high performance solution, which the fork lift operators really enjoy using, as it allows them to see the pallet slots, and packaging details without compromising their ability to look directly up towards the fittings. In the production area, Novah used our Solray Select LED Batten, likewise achieving the same low glare solution for the production staff, running at a low wattage, however increasing the lighting levels threefold from the original existing lighting – this product was also used as local task lighting on the work benches, where the wattage was set to it’s lowest output. In the picking and packing areas, and mezzanine areas, Novah’s Barracuda Select have been used – and as the fitting is one of the most efficient on the market, at upto 170lm/W, the fittings have been able to be set to a lower output, producing more light than the original fluorescent technology that was in use, whilst providing additional energy savings and extending the life of the fitting even further, due to the fact the fittings are not running at full output. The office areas are using a combination of Horizon Select LED panels, Ellipse LED downlights and Hera LED round bulkheads. All fittings were supplied as standard and emergency bulkheads and twin spots were supplied to ensure the site meets with building regulations.
The energy consumption for lighting on both sites has been reduced by 75% since installation and the client is delighted with both the savings and the performance of the lighting – they are delighted with our service level and the ongoing support Novah have provided throughout the project, along with the aftercare we have shown to ensure the client is satisfied with the outcome.
Customer feedback
Novah has delivered a turnkey solution which is exactly what we wanted. The energy savings are fantastic and get us closer to our Nett Zero Carbon targets as well as significantly reducing our energy costs at a time when energy prices are going up. The Atlas and the Solray are high performance products which don’t cause glare in our working spaces and improve our working environments. Craig Lewis and the sales team have been professional and knowledgeable and I would not hesitate to use them again or recommend them for anyone with a similar project. – Lee Braham – Sales Director