King's College London - New Hunts House and Franklin Wilkins Building
KCL created an energy project with a view to reducing energy consumption, carbon footprint and energy and maintenance costs across its estate. The first two complete sites to be targeted on the program are Franklin Wilkins Building and New Hunts House with a full upgrade on all floors, libraries, offices, lecture rooms, laboratories and all communal spaces including corridors.
Lighting objectives
The client wanted to operate on a one in one out basis, changing like for like fittings where appropriate and where this is less practical, upgrading the light sources within the legacy fittings. This would allow them to begin working towards their energy charter of becoming carbon neutral by 2025 - the additional benefits of reducing facilities maintenance costs would bring extra savings to ensure the project payback could be dramatically reduced.
How did Novah approach this project?
Lighting designs? Site surveys? Wholesaler demonstrations? Trials? Various site surveys and some lighting designs, where required. The relationship has allowed the client to trust in our approach and advice, giving Novah the freedom to provide the precise lighting requirements for each area, generally reducing the number of fittings and improving the overall light quality – offering great value. Novah have worked closely with the Energy team at Bouygues FM, who maintain the sites on behalf of KCL in terms of offering the right product solution to minimize installation time, whilst offering the most suitable lighting to optimise the performance, light quality and lifespan of the campus lighting, whilst reducing the energy consumption, using Novah’s high efficiency, cost effective luminaires. Novah provided on site design support, as well as lighting designs where required and specialist advice regarding the use of intelligent lighting solutions for areas that required this technology.
The sites a extremely large and run 24/7 52 weeks of the year, so access on site surveys was a challenge, as was calculating the best installation strategy in terms of when locations around each building would be available, to suit teaching and lab usage times.
Novah solutions
Novah provided full site surveys, with lighting designs produced where required, offered engineering solutions for legacy luminaires and custom made components for these fittings. Products used were Horizon Select LED Panels, Solray Select Battens, Barracuda Select non corrosive linears, Ellipse downlights, Clarion project LED tubes, Sirius Low Bays, all in standard and emergency versions, along with Onyx LED flood lamps.
The energy consumption for lighting alone on both sites have reduced overall by 80%, bearing in mind many areas in the buildings are in use 24/7 with many areas constantly lit due to their communal nature. The net result of this is huge cash savings, allowing further investment in energy saving measures in other areas and disciplines.
Customer feedback
Novah provided LED lighting throughout the Franklin Wilkins and New Hunts House buildings of King’s College London and provided excellent service. They were able to work with us to ensure that we achieved the carbon reduction and energy savings that we were targeted to achieve, providing detailed site surveys, lighting designs and return-on-investment calculations working closely with Bouygues Energies & Services. Bouygues Energies & Services would recommend Novah for similar projects in the future. - Julie Allen, Energy Manager