Liverpool Queensway Tunnel - SPIE
Queensway Tunnel, a toll road tunnel built in 1936, which runs beneath the River Mersey in the center of Liverpool is serviced beneath the tunnel via a series of 6 invert tunnels that run the entire 3.24km length. The lighting in the invert tunnels was dated and did not provide adequate lighting levels throughout the length of the tunnel – with lighting mounted on the side walls, at a great distance from opposing walls in many areas. Personnel had to rely completely on the use of torches. This was considered unsafe and a new solution was sought.
Lighting objectives
To create an operational area that is both safe to travel through and work within – providing a higher level of uniformity and light level, whilst making it easier to see into the distance along the tunnel. The new lighting was installed centrally along the tunnel where possible, which further increased the uniformity of the light spread across the width of the tunnel.
How did Novah approach this project?
Novah had a good working relationship with SPIE on other projects, and as a result were invited into the tender process to support SPIE’s bid for the Mersey Tunnel lighting project. Novah attended the site survey briefing along with SPIE and provided all the technical knowledge required to create a successful including follow up support services such as key information for inclusion within the tender documentation, lighting designs and product development. Once SPIE had successfully won the bid, Novah agreed a delivery schedule to work within the expected timeframe for the project to ensure the correct products were delivered on time for each section of the fit-out. All targets were met, and the job was completed on time and in budget.
Our client, SPIE were tendering against a number of other potential suppliers, and so required significant technical support in terms of product specification and development. Novah was able to provide SPIE with technical data, lighting designs and information, as well as a fantastic solution, to allow SPIE to win the tender.
Novah solutions
Novah supplied 2ft and 4ft Barracuda Select to ensure consistent product use throughout the entire 3.24km length of the tunnel. The Barracuda is robust – with IP66 and IK10 ratings and provided the ideal lighting spread and lux level for the environment
The invert tunnel network is now brighter, more evenly lit and the environment feels much safer than prior to the upgrade. It is maintenance free and with 24/7 usage, will provide many years of trouble-free usage, backed up by Novah’s warranty.
Customer feedback
“Novah have delivered everything we wanted on this project. They helped us with the specification and planning, they were able to explain what we would be able to expect in terms of costs and maintenance, and they have provided us with a lighting solution that we are delighted with. Our lighting is low-energy and maintenance free and our workers have a bright and safe working environment.” Matthew Lennon, Principal Officer Works Support - Liverpool City Region Combined Authority