Northwood Hygiene


September 12, 2019

Northwood Hygiene
Northwood Hygiene is a manufacturing plant for sanitary and hygiene paper products. They had concerns about the lux levels in the plant affecting the safety and quality outcomes and the traditional lowbays that they were using were consuming high levels of energy, costing a great deal of money.
Lighting objectives
The client was keen to save energy costs but the main priority was to improve the lux levels without creating glare.
How did Novah approach this project?
Novah went on site to do a full survey and assess what the most appropriate lighting solution would be. We provided the client with trial fittings to allow them to be confident that they had found the best solution for the environment. Novah provided a payback calculation so that the client could see what the return on investment would be and be confident in the energy savings
The fork-lift truck drivers are looking up for a high proportion of the time and it was an important requirement to have low-glare solutions to ensure that they could work effectively
Novah solutions
The client was convinced that Novah had the right solutions when they could see that there wouldn’t be glare and that the return on investment would be less than 9 months. The solutions provided were Sirius low-bays and Hellion high bays to provide lighting for the manufacturing and warehousing areas. The Solray Select battens were used in corridors and connecting areas.
The required lux levels were met, providing a good working environment. The energy consumption had dropped dramatically and the client is delighted with their new energy bills! The lighting energy consumption has dropped by nearly 70%.
Customer feedback
Our energy consumption has improved dramatically and at the same time we have improved our lux levels. Novah have been professional throughout the project and have provided us with quality products that are doing exactly what they promised they would. Chris Jones, Maintenance Team Leader