Cotek Paper


February 27, 2019

Cotek Paper
Cotek Paper are a manufacturer of specialist paper products for the food, graphics and stationery industries. They were looking to upgrade their lighting throughout their factory and offices and were introduced to Novah through Lockwell, Tewksbury branch.
Lighting objectives
The drive behind the project was to lower energy consumption but the customer had also informed us that it was critical for the return on investment to be less than 12 months, including installation costs.
How did Novah approach this project?
Initially, we did a site survey and did lighting designs for some of the more complex areas. We realized that we could dramatically reduce the number of luminaires and wanted to be able to demonstrate the light levels to the client through 3D lighting designs. We presented this with a quotation and a return on investment and provided technical information on the products that we were proposing.
The most challenging part of this project was matching the right products to the right production environment. Parts of the factory are very hot – there are high-temperature ovens involved. Also we wanted to ensure low glare, even light throughout the working environment.
Novah solutions
The lighting solutions involved: - Panels and Solray Select for the Office/Utility Areas Barracuda/Atlas Low/High Bay/Solray Select/Sirius High Bay for the Manufacturing Areas
The lighting throughout the factory and offices is now even and at the correct lux levels for the environment. The client is saving money and is on track to meet the ROI of less than 12 months.
Customer feedback
"Novah helped us, in conjunction with Lockwell to specify which lighting products were required in each area of our estate, from the production area and warehousing and offices to plant areas. Lockwell also advised us with contact details at The Carbon Trust for grants towards the supply costs. The upgraded lighting has changed the entire site, in terms of the look and feel of each area and has saved Cotek huge amounts of money and energy. With no further maintenance required for our lighting, we are excited to be able to continue investing those savings in other areas of our business - wholly recommend both Novah and Lockwell" Marcus Nancarrow, Cotek Paper