24 Acoustics


June 26, 2019

24 Acoustics
24 Acoustics is a consultancy offering noise and vibration monitoring and acoustic planning. Due to an expansion of the business they have moved their Head Office and done a full refurbishment of the office and communal areas.
Lighting objectives
The client requires even levels of lighting with low glare for inspecting architectural plans and analyzing data. They also regularly bring customers to their premises so they want the lighting to have a “wow-factor”. Working in an environmentally aware industry, the client is committed to low carbon emissions and is keen to ensure that any lighting is energy efficient.
How did Novah approach this project?
Novah did a site survey and lighting schemes to demonstrate to the client that glare would not be a problem and also to reassure the client that the light would be even throughout the premises. Once the client approved the designs we discussed the best way to install the products within the existing infrastructure of the building.
The ceiling height is very low – only 2.4m without a suspended frame so we needed to ensure that the lighting didn’t get in people’s way. We were also very conscious about glare as with such a low ceiling, it can be a problem.
Novah solutions
Novah provided low-glare Horizon UGR<19 panels for this installation. These provided a low-glare, evenly lit solution. In order to fix them, we used suspension kits which were installed around the supporting beams, giving a modern, utilitarian look.
The client is delighted with the light levels and the way that the panels enhance the look of the space. Energy bills have been very low and with a 5 year warranty, the client is delighted that for the foreseeable future, they will be able to focus on their business rather than lighting.
Customer feedback
"The lighting adds to the feel that we wanted to create in our new space. It is understated and cool and creates a good working environment for our staff and our clients. Novah have done a great job." Reuben Peckham, Director and Principal Consultant