This September, all T8 fluorescent tubes will be banned by the UK Government.


This will be followed in February 2024 by the phasing out ofT5 fluorescent lighting products.


What is the reason for the dramatic change in our love for warm, comfortable lighting, that we have been using globally since it’s commercialisation in 1934?


Fluorescent technology, whilst efficient for it’s time has now been usurped by the latest LED lighting technology, and contains harmful gases, such as Argon / Krypton, which are difficult to dispose of and recycle.


Combined with a relatively short lifespan, when compared to new LED technologies, the UK Government made the decision some years ago to begin phasing out the older lighting technologies – initially beginning within candescent, followed by halogen, and now fluorescent – where that leaves metal halide and sodium technologies time will tell.


Modern LED replacement lamps, such as Novah’s Clarion LED tube range are incredibly efficient, with an ultra long life and quite frankly give a better quality and focus of light, with high CRI and slow decay over10’s of thousands of hours.


We have supplied these to the rail industry for over a decade, and many of the first batch are still in use today on the West Coast Mainline for instance – see our case study : from 2012.


Simple to retrofit, either by re-wiring, or using our supplied LED starter, so no re-wiring is necessary, it is possible to get an extended life out of your existing fittings – especially as there is no heat generated by our LED tubes, so no continued heat damage to the T8 to T5 fitting. We supply the tubes in both T8 and T5 variations, in various standardlengths, and offer emergency versions too.


Another alternative to retrofitting is to replace the entire fitting, either with our Solray Select, or Barracuda range – click on these names to take you to their web pages.


Please contact us if you need any assistance in making sure you switch to the highest efficiency LED products when you are ready to make the change.