So you know that you can save money on your energy costs by switching to LED lighting. And you may know about some grants from The Carbon Trust and the like, that are available to sweeten the bill for SMEs. But did you know that you can save an extra 19% if you buy the right kind of LED lighting? The idea is that if you get the most efficient LED lighting –currently over 105lm/W for the whole unit NOT the LED chips, as well as meeting some other quality related criteria, the LED lighting will be eligible for 100% tax relief. That means that for every £1 you spend on LED lighting, you will get £0.19 taken out of your tax bill.


The good news is that Novah’s LED lighting products are all fully compliant with the ECA requirements for tax relief. If you are applying for this tax relief, Novah can issue you with a simple certificate stating that the products that you have purchased are compliant with the tax regulations and bingo – the products are 19% cheaper. Your accountant should do the rest.


We are happy to build grants and ECA tax relief into our Return on Investment calculations so you can see exactly how this will impact on your total savings. Our sales team will be happy to talk you through thiscost saving measure.

Novah are always looking at the bigger picture and are working hard to ensure that not only are our products great value but that installation is taken into consideration too. Please contact us to discuss your installation questions at or call +44 (0)1928 242918