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The education sector requires lighting to be adaptable, complementing a wide range of multi-purpose applications, as well as being energy efficient. It is a key component in creating a safe and comfortable environment, and encouraging the learning process.  

Novah has a range of LG05 compliant products. Our solutions are user-friendly, able to withstand heavy use, and as efficient and cost-effective as possible. The Selectable range allows lighting to be adjusted and adapted over time to reflect the lighting requirements of spaces that have changes on their demands.

Our product designers and engineers carefully integrate education-specific standards, for example, cylindrical illuminance, surface illumination, discomfort glare and disability glare. We also understand the importance of reducing installation time, whether in rapid on-site programmes or modular off-site builds.

Novah has a range of tamper-proof solutions to ensure safety in the dynamic learning environment and offer a range of TP(a) products to ensure fire regulation compliance.

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