We have just updated our Infographic – demonstrating the powerful effect of using the highest efficiency products when upgrading your lighting.


Novah offers some of the most efficient LED luminaires on the wider market and therefore the best value to clients, which we are able to demonstrate and will provide end users with real financial savings – rather than saving a few pounds on the upfront purchase cost.  By looking at the benefits of increased efficiency of the product – some of our products are over35% more efficient than the market leaders products – which means the client can save more than 30% on their ongoing energy bills – without compromising on luminaire performance or quality – essentially an equivalent to reducing their energy cost for the lighting by more than 30% - in a market where energy prices are increasing dramatically – that is where the real money can be saved. Likewise, by using our Select power technology, it is possible to run our products at lower wattages, without reducing the impact the luminaires have in the installed environment.


Even if the products are powered by Solar PV – this will help reduce the demand on the produced power, enabling more generated power to be used on other electrical items, or sold back to the grid – reducing the payback on the Solar PV installation too – a real win win…


Please have a read of our infographic, and if you have any questions about how it can effect you or your clients, give us a call.