Sometimes choice can feel gimmicky – think about how many settings you have on your oven that you never use – however, in the instance of Selectable output, there are several clear benefits:

  • The biggest “unexpected cost” factor in any lighting installation happens when the client exercises their right to change their mind. Once the fittings are in, it doesn’t matter how many lighting designs they have been shown, the client may complain that the overall effect is too light or too dark. It’s a subjective thing and you can’t tell the client that they are wrong on this! The costs of replacing lights at this stage are significant – possible damage to products, time of removal and re-installation – and the risk to the contractor is that the client may not pick up the bill. The selectable range allows the contractor to change the light levels in-situ. A simple procedure that takes only a few seconds and gives the client choice without costs.
  • It is also very common for a single space to have lighting at variable heights. In the past, this would have involved different lighting product for different parts of the room and uncertainty about the evenness of light. Now, with the selectable products, a single product, at different settings can provide even light throughout the space. Easier for     installation, aesthetically pleasing and totally flexible.
  • One of the biggest frustrations for wholesalers and contractors alike is being able to get the right stock at the right time. In an industry that loves the “just-in-time” model, multiple products can cause complications. The selectable range significantly reduces the need for lots of stock lines which means that the wholesaler is more likely to stock it, whilst keeping overall stock levels lower.
  • In an age where we expect quality lighting products to last for at least 5 years, the lighting products often outlive the purpose of the space. As applications for spaces change, so too can the selectable lighting. An office becomes an inspection area or perhaps a classroom becomes a drama space. At any time during the lifetime of the lighting, the light levels can be adjusted to provide a cost-effective, future-proof solution.
  • Salix funding has very specific requirements for energy savings within a strict payback period. Having the flexibility of light output ensures that Salix grant requirements can be easily met for every installation.


Try Novah Selectable products for flexible, cost-effective and high-quality options. Currently Novah offer the Solray Select Batten, The Horizon SelectPanel and the Barracuda Select Non-Corrosive.

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