PKE Lighting


December 20, 2021

PKE Lighting
PKE Lighting was founded in 1991 and is now one of the largest Film, Television and Photographic lighting rental companies in the UK. They were using metal halides which were not providing enough light for inspection of equipment and had high energy consumption. The current site is 3600sqm plus mezzanine spaces and we were tasked with providing lighting for the whole site.
Lighting objectives
The client gave us a target of at least 300lux in the racking aisles and in open spaces they wanted over 500lux for inspection. They also expected to see significant reductions in energy consumption and maintenance costs. The client was interested in further energy reduction measures including sensors and intelligent solutions. All of their emergency lighting required an upgrade for compliance purposes.
How did Novah approach this project?
Novah did a site survey and a lighting design and then a trial installation. The client also requested a Return on Investment calculation which showed a payback within 15 months and total savings of over £120,000 over 5 years. During the installation process we were on hand and gave training to show how to program the sensors
The client was keen to trial at least two products and so we had to demonstrate that our solutions were better and more effective. Our like-for-like product was offering 100lux more than one of the leading manufacturers.
Novah solutions
We used the 100W and 150W Sirius lowbays with Microwave 2-stage dimming. This means that the client is only using the luminaires when they are needed. Commissioning the sensors was very quick and easy and offers long term flexibility if spaces are repurposed. We used the Hera range emergency twin-spots in racking and open spaces and the client was so delighted with our solutions that they asked us to provide floodlights for their outside lighting, for which we provided the Ava 150W asymmetric low-glare floods.
We have achieved the lux levels that the client required – over 600lux in the open spaces and 300lux in the racking aisles and they no longer require any annual maintenance as the products are under warranty for 5 years. They are also delighted with their energy savings.
Customer feedback
Novah have transformed our premises. They have given great advice and the products are exceeding our expectations. As a lighting company, it is important for us to have great lighting and we certainly are confident that we are projecting the right image with Novah’s solutions. - Mike Pollard