Total Cricket


September 29, 2020

Total Cricket
Total Cricket is a state of the art cricket centre run by cricketers for cricketers. This facility hosts competitions and events for all levels of cricket, including professional level and the client wanted to improve lux levels and reduce energy costs.
Lighting objectives
The client was using 400W MH which were not bright enough and have a very high energy consumption. They also required regular maintenance. It was also important to the client that the lighting be physically robust to be able to withstand being in contact with fast-moving, stray cricket balls.
How did Novah approach this project?
The client was requesting in excess of 1200lux with low glare so Novah performed a site survey to understand the venue and then ran through lighting designs with various options. Glare isn’t always a factor in lighting designs so we took various fittings to the client to demonstrate the effect.
High lux levels, low glare and very strong – not every solution would work for this client. We needed to offer something very special.
Novah solutions
The Atlas low/highbay has a polycarbonate opaque diffuser and is IK10 rated whilst offering excellent efficiency of 150lm/W. This meant that the client was able to achieve the light levels required, with low-glare and a very resilient product.
The client is delighted with the improved light levels and much lower energy bills.
Customer feedback
We are absolutely delighted with the service and products that Novah has offered. Our cricketers have noticed the difference – it is much lighter and brighter and we are enjoying much lower running costs. Our health and safety team are pleased that the Atlas is so robust and is glass-free.