July 7, 2021

MerseyRail - Lorne Stewart
MerseyRail have used high power uplighter projector lights on some of their stations, using reflective mirrored diffusion to ‘bounce the light’ back down towards the floor – a common architectural lighting solution in the 1990’s. In order to update the lighting, without compromising the architectural integrity of the original design, MerseyRail asked Novah to assist in specifying and providing a solution that would complement the existing install.
Lighting objectives
It was imperative the solution was sympathetic to the railway station’s concourse design and could be switched in on a one for one basis. As the existing fittings were more than 20 years old, their efficiency had reduced over time, and so there was a requirement to improve the lighting levels whilst maintaining the original atmosphere created when the station concourse was built.
How did Novah approach this project?
By working closely with our customer, Lorne Stewart, we were able to create a design that utilised our high bay flood technology, minimizing glare and any unwanted spill of light, whilst punching the light precisely where it was required, in order to ensure a suitable uniformity was achieved and increased lighting levels. The discreet design of the Sirius fitting leant itself perfectly to this task and created a natural replacement for the existing architectural fittings.
There was a concern about keeping the reflective mirrors in position and aiming the LED uplighters directly at them may cause issues, as the LED chips could create a powerful multibeam refection. This was overcome by simply aiming the Sirius fittings slightly off centre to the mirrored reflectors, allowing them to perform as expected, with no glare issues.
Novah solutions
Novah supplied our 150W Sirius High Bay, with additional mounting brackets – to allow the units to be angled up towards the ceiling and the mirrored reflectors – thus accurately replicating the light produced by the original luminiaires. The Sirius High Bay produces 22,500lm with a narrow beam angle, which produces a low glare high output solution – ideal for this application.
The installation provided a number of benefits to the client – notably over 80% energy savings, improved light quality in a public space, zero flicker, which helps with the CCTV system whilst not compromising the ambience of the environment. As the luminaires are installed at height in a public space, the fact they no longer require maintenance is a huge benefit in terms of minimising disruption and the cost of maintaining the lighting in the station.
Customer feedback