Glen Dimplex


September 2, 2022

Glen Dimplex
Glen Dimplex are one of the largest European manufacturers of heating products, cooling solutions, home appliances and white goods, with 18 household brands including Stoves, Belling, Dimplex, Morphy Richards, and Roberts. Over the past 50 years, Glen Dimplex have led the market with many of their brands and products, including Burco and Creda. Their production facilities for Stoves, Belling and Lec are based in Knowsley across many connected buildings, non of which have been updated with LED lighting, additionally their warehousing facility in Stoke requires a full lighting upgrade, as only small areas of the site have been upgraded to date. Novah were asked to assist on the lighting upgrade program, as our products have been in use at these sites for many years, and our highly efficient and reliable technology fits with Glen Dimplex’s ethos and business model.
Lighting objectives
Following the huge spike in energy prices, the client was looking to reduce site running costs as quickly as possible. On this basis, simply changing to low cost LED fittings, with a low efficiency would not allow them to achieve their target, so they needed a highly efficient LED solution, and after a wide market comparison, decided that Novah’s offering was the best – both in terms of performance of the luminaire, providing excellent light quality and brightness using the highest efficiency LED chips and drivers, combined with high performance optics, resulting in over 35% greater running cost savings by direct comparison with the other manufacturers LED products. This is achieved through Novah’s luminaires using a much lower wattage to achieve the same light output as our competitors’ products– reducing the overall project payback by making it 30% quicker than our competitors offering with no compromise on the product performance.
How did Novah approach this project?
Novah have been working closely with our supply partners PDR who supply and install the electrical facilities on various Glen Dimplex sites, and were asked to support them on the best offer for these projects. This included site surveys, return on investment reports and product solution advice in order to achieve the correct project outcome for the end client, along with the best overall energy and cost savings.
The initial cost outlay was a concern for the business in terms of switching from traditional lighting to LED, however Novah’s solutions focused approach demonstrated that the return on investment could be greatly reduced both technically, by using our highly efficient LED fittings to further reduce consumption, and providing advice through our reporting on how the client can claim back nearly 20% of the total project cost through the Governments Capital Allowance Scheme. This combination created a payback of less than 12 months, including installation costs, meaning the project was a great success in terms of reducing site costs.
Novah solutions
Throughout the production area, the existing lighting was T8 fluorescent tubes with reflector fittings, in a mixture singles, twins and different lengths – totaling over 650 fittings. Novah supplied our Solray Select 5ft High Output fitting on a like for like basis – at the point of installation, the electrical installer decided which power output setting to use, using the lower output settings for singles and shorter fluorescent fittings and higher outputs where higher lighting levels were needed. This has provided additional energy savings, without compromising light levels or light quality.
The energy consumption for lighting has been reduced by 75% since installation and the client is delighted with both the savings and the performance of the lighting – they are delighted with our service level and the ongoing support Novah have provided throughout the various projects, along with the aftercare we have shown to ensure the client is satisfied with the outcome.
Customer feedback
We have been using Novah’s LED lighting products for many years and they have provided us with fantastic energy savings. Their products have been reliable and high quality and required virtually no maintenance. Their offering has been versatile so we have been able to use their fittings in all areas of production and warehousing. Colin Tarry – Engineering Maintenance Manager