March 19, 2019

Goodwin Steel Casings
Goodwin Steel Castings have been in operation since 1883 and run the fastest and largest steel foundry in the world. They operate a 24/7 production schedule so maintenance downtime is a real problem. This is why LED lighting seemed like an attractive solution.
Lighting objectives
The client was insistent that they wanted to improve the lux levels at the plant, which was luminated using SON High Bay fittings, whilst saving energy consumption and energy costs. However, the most important factor was that they needed to reduce downtime for lighting maintenance. On this basis, the 5 year warranty for the Novah products offered, along with track record of extremely low failure rates, was essential.
How did Novah approach this project?
Novah did various site surveys and some lighting designs, as proof of concept. The relationship has allowed the client to trust in our approach and advice, giving Novah the freedom to provide the precise lighting requirements for each area, generally reducing the number of fittings and improving the overall light quality – offering great value.
Some of the production spaces have steeply sloped ceilings and the production environment itself is very hostile in that it is very hot and dusty. We had to take these factors into consideration when providing the right solution.
Novah solutions
200W Sirius High Bay
The customer is delighted with the improved light levels and the reduced energy bills. They have also been able to slash their maintenance budget as they are confident that they won’t have to do any work on the Sirius High Bays for the next 5 years.
Customer feedback
‘We were looking for a partner who could help us develop and implement a strategy to improve our lighting throughout the whole business. Novah provided full guidance and offered the appropriate solutions for each area of our site - especially the various zones that operate at ultra-high temperatures - and their products have proved themselves over the many years we have been using them with no technical problems, despite the harsh operational environment, and the quality of the fittings are second to none.’