KMF Precision Sheet Metal have been designing, cutting and forming sheet metal for their clients for nearly 50 years in their 250,000 sq ft Staffordshire site. The site is mainly comprised of Low Bay and Linear lighting and ran very high energy and maintenance costs. Novah were introduced to the client many years ago through our partner, D&S Electrical Distribution, and have built a strong relationship with the maintenance team, whereby Novah assist in design and product specification.
Lighting objectives
In some areas the client was looking to improve the lighting levels and lighting quality, whilst reducing energy costs, CO2 emissions and maintenance costs, and in other areas they were happy with the current light levels, however wished to reduce energy and maintenance costs. How did Novah approach this project?
How did Novah approach this project?
Various site surveys and some lighting designs, where required. The relationship has allowed the client to trust in our approach and advice, giving Novah the freedom to provide the precise lighting requirements for each area, generally reducing the number of fittings and improving the overall light quality – offering great value. Novah have worked closely with the maintenance team for several years over various projects throughout the facility, which originally began by supplying samples and proof of concepts, and over time have included full lighting designs and site surveys.
It was important for the installation to minimise the impact on the production as the site is active 24/7. Scheduling access to install the products was challenging, however this was helped by reducing the number of fittings required and also the ease and speed with which the products can be installed, which are designed to be very user friendly.
Novah solutions
Novah have supplied various products throughout the facility, including our Sirius Low Bays in the main production areas, and Barracuda non-corrosives in the inspection and smaller production areas. We also supplied some Atlas High/Low Bays over the welding bays
The site’s energy and maintenance bills have dropped considerably as each area has been upgraded, allowing for short return on investment periods, which has allowed KMF to further invest in more lighting and create further savings.
Customer feedback
The provision of product and design advice from Novah and D&S Electrical Distributors in relation to our site lighting upgrade, has been excellent. They have demonstrated an open, professional and expert manner which ensured that we ultimately made educated decisions on our final requirements. We have successfully replaced antiquated and expensive lighting solutions across several sites, with a variety of alternative luminaire fittings. The multiple benefits of this upgrade have included, significantly increased light levels, heightened employee satisfaction in their working environment, a reduced environmental impact and a reduction in running cost. - Terry Stanway