Everyone is talking about Corona Virus and no-one knows the full effects of the outbreak. Several of our customers have been asking us whether Novah will be impacted by the Corona Virus so we thought we would give a brief update to bring everyone up to speed.


Our supply chain – like most companies in LED lighting –is in China. So far we haven’t heard about any of our colleagues in China being directly affected health-wise by Corona Virus but it is causing considerable problems for day-to-day life in China. Most factories are still closed even though they were due to reopen after Chinese New Year last week. This impacts on the entire supply chain – assembly, components, raw materials and even freight and logistics.


We are communicating on a daily basis with our manufacturers to get updates HOWEVER, we do have good stocks in the UK and believe that, providing factories do open again in the next few weeks, we should have continuous stock of most lines. Novah will NOT put up prices for our existing stock and we WILL work hard to ensure that our loyal customers continue to get the best service possible. Some specials and projects might be affected and we will be open and honest with our customers about these situations, but for day-to-day business we are ready and waiting to work with you.


Currently, in the UK, our team are hale and hearty and are operating on a business-as-usual basis. Feel free to contact us to discuss any concerns you have relating to this matter and we will continue to update you accordingly. NB we aren’t doctors so for questions about your coughs and sneezes, please call NHS Direct on 111.