Novah raises its profile to offer supportive lighting services

Full customer LED lighting package now available from Novah 

Novah has streamlined its business to concentrate primarily on the premium Novah brand, to raise its profile and status within the LED lighting market. It has also extended its services to offer a full and supportive premium lighting package. Novah offers and promotes a wealth of specialist lighting services to its customers, from site surveys, consultations, energy saving calculations and bespoke lighting designs for blue chip and SME’s building and renovation projects.

Market research indicated that customers would like the additional LED lighting support when closing deals, winning business, in meetings or development tenders. Novah likes to go the extra mile for its customers in order to help their customers to gain sales, a win win situation for all.

"We have found that our customers feel reassured by the LED lighting expertise and knowledge that Novah can offer. By supporting projects, completing site surveys and improving energy inefficiencies our clients have been able to maximise their sales and increase their profitability," comments Craig Lewis, Managing Director and founder of Novah Limited.

Novah designs and develops high quality, LED lighting solutions and direct replacement LED products for existing lighting technologies. Intelligent lighting solutions such as sensors and dimming technology form an integral part of Novah's premium lighting range.  

The Novah brand is an umbrella brand within which sit product ranges to represent the highest quality, innovative LED lights at cost effective prices. Novah offers Clarion T8 tubes, Ellipse downlights, Horizon panels, AVA wallpacks, Orbit utility luminaries, Zeus high bays and Stellar streetlamps among others. The naming of the product ranges enables customers to quickly identify Novah's product range and be able to understand the products' capabilities.

For more information about Novah, its LED lighting products and the services available, please call the team at Novah on 01928 242 918.


Lisa Hitchen 02-Sep-2015
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