Novah lights Wolverhampton railway station

Novah, the Cheshire based, LED lighting specialists, lights the newly refurbished Wolverhampton railway station.

The large-scale refurbishment project of Wolverhampton railway station has been kitted out with Novah’s LED lights, ceiling panels, flood lamps and T8 tubes. Novah’s lights were specifically chosen to offer a cost-effective route in achieving a 90 per cent reduction in power consumption, when compared to outdated lighting technologies.

The horizon panel products, developed by the team at Novah, were chosen as were the Clarion T8 tube lamps, which were installed with microwave-dimming technology for both on-site safety and extended product life. This intelligent technology is advantageous in that it allows the LED light to dim down when there is no one present. The in-built microwave sensor automatically dims the tube after five minutes of detected absence. This is perfect for use in car parks where constant lighting is required.

Novah’s revolutionary LED lighting technology has been chosen to help reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs across Wolverhampton railway station.

Lisa Hitchen 08-Apr-2015
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