AVA wallpacks at Oxford Brookes University

Novah’s AVA wall pack lights deliver university to sporting victory

Novah, specialists in LED lighting, has won the contract to have its LED 25Watt wall pack lights installed on the sports and leisure centre at Oxford Brookes University, in addition to the halls of residences. Oxford Brookes is set in a historic student city and enjoys an international reputation for teaching excellence and innovation as well as having strong links with business and industry.

The installation of Novah’s LED lights is part of a larger project to furnish the educational establishment with a range of energy saving LED lights, in order to reduce the whopping £2.4 million annual energy bill. Oxford Brookes’ environmental footprint will also be improved whilst the carbon emissions are lowered.

Gavin Hodgson, Energy and Carbon Manager in the Sustainability Team, at Oxford Brookes University comments; “ Novah’s wallpack lights have been installed at the sports and leisure centre, they are far brighter than the previous lights and are also more environmentally friendly. In addition to being a quality LED light, with a five year guarantee, they are connected to dusk to dawn sensors, which means that they save energy by only being on when they are most required. This is just the start of a major lighting project throughout the university and it is hoped that the addition of the LED lighting will create substantial reductions in energy and cost savings, in a short space of time.”

Oxford Brookes has received official recognition from the Carbon Trust for its continuing work to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions - the main cause of global warming. Oxford Brookes year-on-year CO2 emissions are predicted to have fallen by 4% (over 300 tonnes) as a result of actions taken to date in support of Oxford Brookes 'Low Carbon Transition Plan'.

Oxford Brookes are hoping that with fantastic lighting in their sporting facilities that more results will go their way in their matches.

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Lisa Hitchen 03-Jul-2015
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