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Novah has been working with LED technology for over 20 years. In the early years, the focus was on media and communications for LED and SMS signage – Novah provided LED signage in Piccadilly Circus, large stores and media outlets as well as for rail and other transport providers who wanted to improve internal and external communications.
Novah has been shaping the LED technology, driving opportunities for many years and now has built a reputation for engineering focused solutions. Craig Lewis, Managing Director graduated in Engineering from Southampton University in 1995 and then worked in research before starting Novah in 1998. He uses his knowledge and experience to offer new and innovative products and ideas.

Novah has been on a tremendous journey over the years

Craig Lewis says,

Once we started to understand the technology of LED and its potential we realised that we could think in terms of energy-saving and longevity and combine this with communications and engineering expertise – there are so many applications.

A main turning point for the company has been the advances and improvements in LED lighting technology. Over the last ten years, as well as working on large communication projects for transport and media, Novah has developed ranges of LED lighting solutions that it primarily sells through wholesale channels.


Novah has two main areas of business:

1.  LED Lighting Solutions.

Virgin Trains using LED lights 

Novah designs and develops high quality, LED lighting solutions and direct replacement LED products for existing lighting technologies. Intelligent lighting solutions such as sensors and dimming technology form an integral part of Novah's premium lighting range. 

Novah offers a wealth of specialist services from site surveys, consultations, energy saving calculations and bespoke lighting designs for blue chip and SME's building and renovation projects. 

2. Railway depot management systems. 

Web based communication, LED and wireless technology including GSM ensures that personnel are aware of delays, faults and other essential matters, performance can also be analysed effectively.

There are dedicated sales, purchasing and dispatch teams at Novah to focus on the LED lighting and for the Railway software solutions, there is access to both in-house and outsourced resource to ensure that all demands can be met. 


Novah’s future is dedicated to providing sustainable engineering solutions for its clients. In all operating sectors the focus is on quality, durability and value.
Novah is constantly improving its offering so that reputation is one of always having the best solution available. In the LED lighting sector, Novah is launching more products for more applications, improving the efficiency and capability of the products and ensuring that durability exceeds expectations.


Novah is a company that is looking to the future. The products and services that Novah offers have to last. In order to make this happen, quality has to be second to none, service has to be polite and knowledgeable and the offering has to be the best value in the market. Novah Limited can achieve these things by understanding its products and listening to its customers.

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